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They found each other,
now, we’ll help them
find you …

You will literally meet hundreds of potential new customers in one day! Yes!  It’s true!  Where else, advertising dollar for advertising dollar can you match these numbers?  Can your company really afford to miss the brides, grooms, mothers, sisters, and the friends of the bride, who will all attend The Wedding of a Lifetime Bridal Show? We invite you to contact the many repeat exhibitors who have shown with us for the past 20 YEARS to ask them WHY THEY CHOOSE THIS SHOW OVER ALL OTHERS!

Opportunities to demonstrate and show
Gives your potential customer the hands on opportunity to show why you are the one they want to hire.
Whether the attendee is already your customer or one you would like to have as a customer, you have the opportunity to communicate with them in a non-pressured environment.

Great networking opportunity.
Bridal Shows provide a great opportunity to network with other companies in the same industry.  When people see your face, they remember your name, and recommend your company to their brides.

Benefits of a January Show

After years of not only producing shows, but participating in them as well, it has been proven year after year, that many, many brides start their serious planning immediately after the holiday season. This year’s show is January 12, 2020.


We will be running a $20,000 advertising campaign with Clear Channel Radio, WABB and 92 Zew. Six quarter page ads will run in the Mobile & Baldwin Registers, the Fairhope Time, Lagniappe and Zalea Periodicals.  Posters, flyers and discount admission cards will also be distributed.

Mailing List

Each company participating in the Wedding of a Lifetime Bridal Show will be provided with an invaluable mailing list, 14 days after the show, with complete bride and groom information as well as their needs.

Great Location

The Mobile Convention Center is a beautiful, large, open facility located in downtown Mobile.  The address is: 1 S Water St, Mobile, AL 36602


Jimmy Francia * *  251.753.6922
Lydia Noble * * 251.533.1395


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